About Us


Barley’s Canine Recreation Center is named after Heather Newport’s best friend who passed away in October of 2012.  After meeting when Barley was just 4 weeks old, there was no doubt the pup would soon become part of the family.  Two weeks later, Heather and Barley began a nearly 16 year adventure, rarely traveling without each other and experiencing all they could in the short time they had together.

beylabrandyMike Parmley and his rescued pound puppy, a Flat Coated Retriever mix named Beyla, joined the family in 2005.  Beyla and Barley became great travel buddies and swimming companions.  Taking as many trips to the lake as they could squeeze into a summer was the family’s favorite past time.  The last few years of Barley’s life had its fair share of scary moments.  Barley survived her stomach twisting at age 12, and a vestibular eruption one year later.  Although both took several weeks to recover from, it wasn’t long before Barley was begging to go to the park and to get back to the recreation activities she was accustomed to.

As so many pet owners have experienced, we eventually reached a crossroads with Barley, when the pain of arthritis and other geriatric issues forced a slowdown in normal exercise and activity.  The idea of creating an indoor dog pool and dog recreation center where all dogs, young and old, can get their much needed exercise in a safe, clean environment was beginning to develop.  Barley was the inspiration for all dogs to have a fun place to exercise, to help alleviate the pain of arthritis, and to end the struggle with obesity and boredom. A well-exercised, happy, healthy dog is a good dog and a good dog is a wanted dog.

The newest addition to the owner’s family is a wire haired mix named Brandy, she was rescued from the Lindon Animal Shelter in April 2013.  Adding a puppy to the group has most certainly increased the frequency and level of necessary activity, making the dog pool sound even more enticing.  Barley’s Canine Recreation Center is an organization dedicated to the wellness, health and fitness of all dogs.