Meet the Staff

Bio - Andrea & GuinnessAndrea

From a young age, Andrea has had a great passion for working with animals. She enjoyed training and showing Arabian horses for several years with her family.  Since 2009 she has volunteered with Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue and in 2011 became the Foster Director. She enjoys serving on the Board of Directors for the Rescue as well as overseeing the Behavior Team. Her Desire to help animals has led her to be a firm believer and practitioner in holistic medicine and massage as an aid to treat dogs. Currently, her own pack includes 3 Danes, including a foster with Wobbler’s Disease and a beautiful Doberman who just turned 9.  As a pet advocate, Andrea is very excited to be on the team of such an innovative facility as Barley’s!


Raised on farm in Big Sandy, Texas, Annette learned and knew at a young age that animals would always be an important part of her identity.  She earned an Associate Degree in Animal Science and has since worked with many vets on a large variety of different species including cows, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, and primates.  Annette worked at a local veterinary hospital before sharing her expertise and training at Barley’s Canine Recreation Center.


Kelby grew up in a small town where everyone had farms. She showed horses ever since she can remember. She started with 4-H then moved to state shows until working up to showing at a National Level with Rising Sun Quarter Horse Ranch. (Greatest accomplishment is placing 7th @ the AQHYA World show -breaking a record for 10 years of Utah not placing in the top ten) Kelby has always loved dogs and realized early on that she wanted to work in the animal industry so she went to school and became a Veterinary Technician. Working with animals is definitely her passion in life. She gets along with animals well and understands them and their needs. At home she has 5 betas, a tangerine milk snake (Tang) and two dogs that love the pool, Chief and Daisy.


Veronica loves to be surrounded by animals and water. She received her Bachelors Degree from Utah State in Animal Science, which included an internship training dolphins and sea lions for the U.S. Navy. She learned the basics of animal training and was able to start working with puppies at a board and train facility. She has been training dogs professionally for three years, while working at shelters and veterinary offices before joining the Barley’s Recreation Team. Veronica also has a passion for water and grew up swimming competitively. She is so excited to bring the therapeutic power of water to dogs! She loves to volunteer at Best Friend’s kitten nursery, and spend time with her husband, dogs Izzy and Patches, and her cat Shamu.


Tami was born in Denver, Colorado and when she was a child, her mom would drive her through the neighborhood while Tami pointed out houses and told her mom that her friends lived there. Her mom thought she was very popular, until she realized all Tami’s friends were dogs! Tami’s very first job was exercising horses. Since then she has received her associate degree in Veterinarian Technology and has had various internships at veterinary hospitals. She worked at Salt Lake County Animal Services for 4 years as the Lead Animal Care Specialist before teaming up with Barley’s. Tami also went to school for pet grooming and has been a pet groomer for the last 8 years. She has not only worked with dogs and cats, but also racoons, deer, eagles, badgers, bats, alligators, bobcats and other exotics. She has always had a deep love and respect for all animals, and calls them her friends before most people. Tami is also a mother to two beautiful daughters and two sweet dogs named Dragon and Alfie.


Growing up in Wyoming, Leslie was constantly surrounded by animals. She began showing dogs and teaching classes through 4H when she was 13, and titling three different dogs through NADAC during her 10 active years. In 2013, Leslie moved to California with her husband and pursued her dream of going to school to be a Dog Trainer. Leslie graduated in 2014 and continued to train and work at one of the largest daycare/boarding/training facilities in San Diego County. In February 2016, the mountains were calling, and she and her family moved to Bountiful where she now calls home. Leslie knew she wanted to join the Barley’s team after bringing her dogs Luna, Khepri and Roper in to swim, meeting the staff, and seeing how progressive and innovative the facility was. She is excited to be a part of your dog’s daily life!


Suzy grew up in a small country town in Northern California where a girl’s dogs are truly her best friends. Her experience with 4-H, FFA and volunteering with the Humane Society only fueled the fire for her to pursue a career in animal health and behavior. Suzy earned her license to work as a Veterinary Technician while working at a veterinary clinic for small animals and exotic pets. Shortly after, she continued her studies and career path in Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine as a Cytology/Histology Technician. Still feeling unfulfilled, and noting an increase in pet surrenders and a common disconnect between owners and pets, Suzy began her work in animal behavior and dove feet first into animal rescue. She made it her goal to help others find the kind of connection she’s known with her pets, through education, training, recreation, health and wellness and finding the right dog. Barley’s was an exciting opportunity Suzy could not resist! It allows her to further explore natural/holistic pet care, and share information with owners to help build that incredible, unbreakable bond – even with everyone’s busy schedules! Suzy shares her home (and sometimes bed space) with Husky/Malamute mix, Kila, and Shar Pei/Chihuahua mix, Jeepers Creepers. Also, two non fur-kids at a mature(if you ask them!) ten and eleven years old, who enjoy working with their Mom and helping neighbors with dog sitting and walks!


Cynthia was raised in a home that always had multiple animals as family members. Ever since she was young she knew she had a love for animals that far surpassed many of her friends and classmates. She has spent time volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab and Cynthia recently had a job taking care of dogs that resided at the Utah Animal Adoption Center. She worked with the shelter dogs for about 2 years until taking over a position managing the cat area of the shelter for another 2 years. She still currently work part time as a vet tech, but decided to come to Barley’s for a bit more of the fun side of working with animals! Cynthia hopes to one day work with large animals such as elephants and tigers, and she is currently pursuing a degree in animal sciences. The other members of her pack include dog Buddy, cat Littlefoot, and blind cat Stevie.


Tanja has always had a passion for helping animals connect with people. As a middle school and high school teacher for over 13 years, combining the love of teaching and working with animals was always what made Tanja the happiest. Recently, this passion for training took her all the way from New York to Morgan, Utah, where Tanja works as the lead trainer for Labs for Liberty, a non-for-profit that provides service dogs for wounded veterans. An Animal Behavior College graduate and Certified CGC Evaluator, Tanja has trained hundreds of dogs to be well-behaved companions, therapy dogs, and service dogs. When she is not training, you will often find Tanja spending time with her own dogs Emmitt, Gunny, and Denali.