Dog Training Schedule for Dec 2018

We’ve got just a few dog training classes lined up for December.  Stay tuned for a full schedule coming in 2019!
December 13, 7pm
Feliz Naughty Dog Workshop; 1 Hour, Bring your dog!
 In this holiday themed workshop, Suzy will tackle the following tips and tricks to allow you to include your pup in the festivities:
 -Proper house Manners when guests arrive
-Keeping your dog safe from Holiday Hazards
-Keeping your gifts and tree chaos free
Pet CPR & First Aid
December 29, 2018
11AM $150
We all know our pets count on us to keep them safe. That’s why this class is perfect for all pet owners! The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice. Some of the topics highlighted in the four-hour program include Restraining Your Pet,  Pet CPR, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Wellness Assessment, Heat Injuries, Poisoning, Bleeding Protocols, Bites, Stings and Injury Assessment.

You will learn…

Rescue Breathing
How to help your pet in a medical emergency.
The 3 things you should do for your pet every day.
ABC’s of Pet First Aid.
Assessing Your Pet’s Vitals
5 simple things you should START doing today to keep your pet healthy.
Snout-To-Tail Assessment
10 situations that require immediate veterinary care.
How to put together your own pet first aid kit.
Some of the topics highlighted in the four-hour program include the following:
Restraining Your Pet Pet CPR
Rescue Breathing Choking Management Wellness Assessment Heat Injuries Poisoning
Bleeding Protocols Bites and Stings Injury Assessment

The price of the class includes a student handbook. Upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate.
Space is limited, so sign up today!