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Indoor Swimming Pool

BCRC is excited and proud to announce that Utah’s first indoor dog swimming pool is now open!  We offer a large clean pool for our furry friends to enjoy splashing around in 7 days a week.  The heated pool is available to the public during open swim times for those wanting to socialize with other dogs and their owners.  The pool is also available for private reservations- a great option for trainers, rehabilitation, pooch parties, and dogs that just prefer having the pool to themselves.  With plenty of room to swim, jump, and splash around, it is definitely a popular place to visit!

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Day Care Lounge

The BCRC doggy day care is a fun, clean, safe area with comfy couches and dog beds.  Enrollment will be limited to 35 pets per day with at least two recreation specialists on hand so every dog will get personalized attention from one of our caring, professional staff members.  Barley’s lounge is your dog’s home away from home where you can feel confident that your pooch will get the very best care in a safe and clean environment.

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Dog Walking & Hiking

Let us take your dog on a fun filled doggy outing with other well behaved, social dogs.  Dog walking will take place at the local off-leash park (Parley’s Nature Trail/Tanner Park Gully). There are also three canyons nearby that allow dogs: Millcreek Canyon (off leash days), Neff Canyon and Ferguson Canyon.  Combine this service with the doggy lounge and swimming pool, and you can rest assured knowing your dog will get a full day of excitement, exercise and most of all, fun!

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Senior Services

We love to see gray faces at Barley’s and have taken special considerations to make the rec center a safe, comfortable place for your senior dog to enjoy.  First of all, there are no stairs to climb.  All dogs are able to access all areas of the rec center regardless of their ability level.  The heated, indoor dog pool has a ramp to get up to the deck of the pool and another ramp to get into and out of the water.  The day care center offers a lounge area for resting which is separate from the open play and outside areas.  The entire day care area is covered in soft, slip-free, recycled rubber flooring.  Your aging pooch can also take advantage of the massage and acupuncture services offered by one of our certified, experienced, highly recommended treatment specialists.

Dog Wash

When you have a dirty dog, Barley’s dog washing stations will be ready for you with fresh smelling, earth friendly shampoos and conditioners.  Dog washing services are available as a self-serve option or can be part of a scheduled day care plan.

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Dog Sitting

While we don’t offer boarding at Barley’s, we do offer in-home pet sitting.  Give us a call to discuss options and schedule a visit with one of our dependable, caring staff members.  The cost for pet sitting is $50 per night plus $5 for each additional pet to have a recreation specialist stay in your home.  If you prefer to have your pet stay with one of our staff members, the cost is $35 per night plus $5 for each additional pet.  Reservations fill up fast so make sure to get on the schedule once you know your vacation dates!


Acupuncture can benefit dogs of all ages and can be used to treat a variety of conditions by stimulating the release of your dog’s own internal anti-inflammatory and pain relieving hormones.  While acupuncture can safely be used in addition to prescribed pain medications, the goal is to convince the body to heal itself.

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Canine massage benefits dogs in the same way it benefits humans.  It helps to alleviate pain, strengthen the immune system and increase flexibility.  Barley’s will be offering canine massage for relaxation, rehabilitation and competition (sports massage) purposes.

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All animals can benefit from chiropractic care.  The ultimate goal of the adjustment is to allow the nervous system to run at 100%, which means chiropractic on dogs can have an impact on helping to relieve neck and back pain, limping and lameness, paralysis, post-op recovery and disc problems.  It can even assist with allergies, arthritis and behavior or mood changes.

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