Dog Walking and Hiking

Dog Walking

If you are short on time (and daylight) allow one of our experienced dog walkers to exercise your lucky pooch at the local off-leash park, Parley’s Nature Park/Tanner Park Gully. This will give your best friend the opportunity to smell, jump, run, and play with new friends in an exciting environment for those dogs that need a little extra activity than the day care play areas have to offer. We will ensure a safe environment for your pet by supervising their play and monitoring the length of the walk depending on your dog’s energy level. All dogs must have ID tags and be up to date on their vaccinations.

If you have a senior pet (our personal favorite), we also offer stroller assisted walks to allow even the grayest of faces an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sights and smells of the park. This service is available for dogs up to 65 lbs.

Dog Hiking

Maybe your dog would like to experience the sights and smells in a more challenging environment. In that case, Barley’s offers off-leash hiking with groups of 5 dogs or less. We will always bring fresh water and enough earth friendly poop bags to do our part in leaving no trace. All dogs must have ID tags and be up to date on their vaccinations.

Pricing for walking and hiking includes a half day or a full day of play (or rest) in the day care lounge for the comfort and added fun of your pet’s experience at Barley’s or pick up and drop off from your house (within a 5 mile radius of Barley’s). Drop your dog off on your way to work, before running errands or while you do your own recreating and a trained recreation specialist will send photos and updates via text or on Facebook of your dog’s adventure throughout the day!


Half Day, up to 4 hours: $32.50
2nd Dog, same household: $27.50

Full Day, over 4 hours: $42.50
2nd Dog, same household: $37.50


Sun: 10a-4p
Mon-Fri: 7a-7p
Sat: 9a-5p